Join Seattle Fast Food Workers Strike, Thursday in Seattle

Working Washington is reporting:

Seattle fast food workers have joined with workers from New York to Chicago to Los Angeles to call for a first-ever nationwide fast food strike. Their goal: $15 an hour and the right to organize without retaliation.

There’s never been anything like this before.

Join us at 4:00 pm Aug, 29 at Plymouth Pillars Park, at the corner of Pike & Boren St, where striking workers will gather before heading out to launch dinnertime strikelines at nearby fast food locations.


The momentum is extraordinary. From the Seattle Times to the Washington Post to the front page of Reddit, low-wage workers have been making news, putting giant corporations on the defensive, and raising the question of how we can we build a sustainable economy when the fastest-growing jobs pay poverty wages.

It’s amazing. Can you remember another time when the struggles of low-wage workers — and the way that impacts our economy — were a central topic of conversation for reporters, politicians, and business leaders?

Fast food workers have stepped out to spark a new movement for good jobs. Now let’s show how many people support their campaign to strike poverty and raise Seattle.

Join us on the strikelines August 29th in support of this rapidly growing movement to raise our economy from the middle out.

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