Inslee, McKenna, Ferguson, Dunn to speak at Newcastle Forum, Oct 22th

The Golf Club at Newcastle, The Municipal League and The Newcastle Chamber of Commerce have invited the front running, announced candidates for Washington State Governor and Attorney General to speak at a candidates’ forum on Saturday October 22nd and go from 9 am to noon. . Congressman Jay Inslee and  Attorney General Rob McKenna are running for Governor. County Councilmembers Reagan Dunn and Bob Ferguson are running for Attorney General. All will attend.

This is not a debate. The candidates will appear one at a time and be given 15 minutes to speak.

The Golf Club at Newcastle makes the space available so that you can attend with no charge.

9 am Sharp opening, introductions
9:15 Congressman Jay Inslee, Candidate for Governor
9:35 King County Councilmember Bob Ferguson, Candidate for Attorney General
9:50 Break, 20 minutes

10:10 Attorney General Rob McKenna, Candidate for Governor

10:30 King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn, Candidate for Attorney General

10:45 Break, 20 minutes

11:05  Newcastle City Council Candidates, 5 minute presentations (Jensen, Simpson, Buri, Irigon, Bisset)

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