Impressive participants' guide for 99% Spring training sessions

Tonight, in association with, I’ll be attending a 99% Spring training session.  I got an email from the organizers with a link to their training materials, including this PDF:  The 99% Spring Training Guide.  I’m impressed. It’s well-written, attractively designed and full of documented information from multiple sources about non-violent direct action and other aspects of effective activism.

Some Occupiers are opposed to MoveOn’s adoption of the vocabulary of the Occupy Movement, in particular because of the historical close ties between MoveOn and the Democratic Party.  See, for example, Occupy East End rejects MoveOn Takeover Attempt.  But judging from the training guide, the Occupiers should have nothing to worry about.

Follow-up: I went to the training and will write up something about it soon.  I found this article Yes, The 99% Spring is a Fraud on OpEdNews. As the title suggests,the article critical of the MoveOn-affiliated 99% Spring movement and says that it’s been co-opted by the Democratic Party and Obama.

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