How President Obama can best help Democrats: by not running in 2012

President Obama should call it quits and allow a stronger Democrat to run in his place in 2012.

His repeated capitulations and sell-outs have so demoralized Democratic voters that they’re likely to stay away from the polls, just as they did in 2010.  And Independents dislike a weakling who stands for nothing but compromise.  So many Democratic constituencies — labor, progressives, retirees,  environmentalists, and minorities — have reason to dislike Obama. We need a leader, not a capitulator.     If he runs, he’ll be an albatross around Democratic candidates’ necks. A primary challenge is unlikely to succeed.

Democratic leaders should let the president know that this is the best option.

There’s still time.  If he truly cared about the Democratic Party, that’s what he would do.

Don’t say it’s not going to happen.  Defeat is often a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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