Fireplaces burning in the summer when it’s over 90 degrees! Again!

On July 30, 2022, when it was in the mid 90s in Bellevue, The Lodge at Bellevue Square was running the gas fireplace at 523 Bellevue Way NE.

Gas Fireplace Burning at Bellevue Square when it's over 90 degrees outside.

They do it, I presume, for the sake of “ambience” or mood.  I’ve seen similar fireplaces burning in the lobbies of condo buildings, office towers, movie theaters, and hotels such as the W.  I documented two such fireplaces in this 2018 article: Fireplaces burning in the summer when it’s 90 degrees!.

It sure is wasteful. It uses more energy, releases more carbon, and makes the visitors more uncomfortable.

Images from 2018:

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