Dinner with Dennis Kucinich

I was one of about a dozen King County Democrats that just had dinner with Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich at the Georgetown Liqour Company. This was not a fundraiser. I was hoping to learn more about Kucinich’s possible run for Congress in Washington. As it turns out, I don’t know anything that I didn’t already.

The district Kucinich currently represents will likely be eliminated. He wants to remain in Congress, which means he will have to find a new district to run in. He said he will not run against an incumbent Democratic Congressman (or president). He wouldn’t say how Washington ranks on his list, and in fact denied the existence of a list. He didn’t give any indication which district, if any, he might pursue in Washington state.

Several members expressed a desire to see him run against Jaime Herrera in the 3rd District. I don’t know if SW Washington is in consideration or not.

Kucinich did say that he made a courtesy call to WSDCC Chair Dwight Pelz because of the rumors that were circulating about his potential candidacy in this state. Kucinich said he didn’t give any indication he would run, or ask Dwight’s opinion, but Dwight offered his opinion anyway. Basically, Dwight’s message to Kucinich was ‘no thanks’.

Tonight’s dinner was one of many appearances by Kucinich in Washington State this year, and he may return for the NWroots Conference on July 9th. Obviously, he is giving Washington State serious consideration. How it ultimately plays out is anyone’s guess. I asked him what his time frame was for a decision, and he said “when the lines [redistricting] are drawn”.



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  1. Someone at Seattle Green Festival was saying the same thing: Dwight Pelz would oppose Kucinich’s running in Washington State. “Why?” I asked. Because Pelz is a DINO (Democrat in Name Only), he said. This guy was grumpy in general.

  2. I don’t think it has anything to do with being a DINO. If Dwight supported a drafting of Kucinich, it would be a slap in the face to organic candidates that might be in the hunt. Dwight’s first responsibility is to Washington State Democrats. Furthermore, many I’ve talked to don’t think Kucinich is viable in any of the available districts. It may simply be that Dwight thinks Kucinich would not be a good candidate in the 10th or 1st Districts. We already have a good Democratic candidate in the 8th (Goodman). Kucinich just might not be a good fit.

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