Thursday in Tacoma: Animate The Climate Justice Movement from Noon Onward!

We’re Winning The Fight Against Fossil Fuel Foolishness
Celebrate Our Victory With a Festive Procession To The Press Conference

Spokane Coal Train Transformed Into Ecotopia By Activists at Coal Export Hearinghe Final Coal Export Scoping Hearing for Longview Terminal is Tomorrow in Tacoma. We invite you to join our colorful and fun procession to the rally and press conference. Help us mobilize imagery depicting the values we stand for and that which is precious we could loose if our region is turned into a fossil fuel corridor. We’ll show just how festive, vibrant, and powerful our movement for climate and generational justice is! Spokane Coal Train Transformed Into Ecotopia By Activists at Coal Export Hearing

What: Fun & Lively Procession to Tacoma Coal Rally
Where: Don Pugnetti Park & UW Tacoma Campus
When: Noon – 2:15pm Drumming For Demos & Imagery Setup,├é┬áProcession at 2:15pm
Call 805-776-3882 when you arrive!

Artful Activism Earns Media in Spokane

“A train passed through riverfront park, a train full of protestors,” Chanting “Stand up, Speak Out, A Beautiful Future Is What We’re About!” – KREM2 Television News

“Hundreds Of Protesters And Supporters Turn Out For Coal Train Meeting”- KHQ TV News Station

“Environmentalists and other opponents of the terminal, many of whom were dressed in red T-shirts, dominated public testimony before a crowd of about 400.”- Spokesman Review

KREM TV Spokane

If Earned Media is any indication of of where we stand in the fight for climate and environmental justice and a sustainable future against coal exports, than the tide has turned in favor of activists and the communities we strive to protect. The coal export battle is truly being fought in the court of public opinion. Giant-sized sympathetic visuals conveying the values we stand for and what threatens them, and an engaging experience that helped communities feel a sense of shared power were all prominent in the earned mainstream media coverage in Spokane that included two television spots and the front page on their local paper. The iconic imagery resonates so well that those in a position to decide the regulations and even the coal export proponents were enamored with it, excited, and joyful as they took pictures of and with it. We’re grateful to our lumbar club members, it’s through their support we’re able to make sure this crucial flank of the fight is present to amplify, inspire, and build engagement. If you long to be a part of vibrant community working to bring the world in closer harmony with your values, than join Backbone Campaign, our allies, and collaborators to build a powerful progressive movement.

More Photos HERE

Special thanks is owed to Spokane Coalition Builders, and Occupy Spokane whose dedicated engagement in their community and continued collaboration have helped to reinvigorate engagement in the NW. The Power Past Coal Coalition and Sierra Club have dedicated a ton of resources and energy to mobilize the community to speak out at the hearings, with many other community members from across the state and beyond sharing their talents and gifts to make Fossil Fuel Foolishness a thing of the past.


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