Cuts to the transit cuts, low income fare comments

The King County Council has just canceled plans for further bus cuts, largely by reducing Metro’s reserve fund. They’re banking on a booming economy, which is a dangerous bet – another downturn in sales tax revenue & we’ll be in serious trouble. But in the meantime, if Seattle TBD Proposition 1 passes, there will be $45 million available to expand and improve as well as preserve bus service. More frequent runs? Better Night Owl service? More Reduced Fare bus tickets? Lower fares? More recovery time between runs so drivers can use the bathroom? If Seattle TBD Proposition 1 passes, which of these things should TRU push for?  Join TRU and be part of the decision.Want to learn more or get involved in the campaign for Proposition 1?  Come to our Membership Meeting next Monday, October 6, 6:30 – 8:30 PM at the Labor Temple Hall 6, 2800 1st Avenue.

Sound Transit Considers a Low Income Fare – Public Comment

Sound Transit is now considering following Metro’s lead in offering a reduced fare to low income riders.  This is great news, and and testament to the power of the Transit Riders Union and all our allied organizations that fought with us for a low income reduced fare over the past two years.

So what’s the problem?  Sound Transit wants to fund this program through a general fare increase of $0.25.  Is this necessary?  No, actually with voter approval Sound Transit could assess an Employer Tax that would more than cover the costs.  We’re facing a global climate crisis – now is not the time to be raising fares and driving “choice riders” back to their cars!

The public comment period is open until October 23.  Tell them what you think.

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