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Conservatives kill again: they value gun rights more than the right to life

Our nation’s lax gun laws have led to another mass shooting.    USA Today is reporting that the Florida shooter Omar Mateen

used a .223 caliber AR-type-rifle and 9 mm semiautomatic pistol… The FBI had investigated Mateen twice before the shooting, but found inconclusive evidence and were not able to charge him with a crime.

The AR-type-rifle Mateen used to slaughter 50 people at the Pulse nightclub, is known for it’s [sic] lethality and has been used in other mass shootings in the United States.

Adam Lanza, the gunman behind the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, used an AR-15 and its 30-round magazine to kill 26 people in under five minutes. And it’s not just the AR-15, but semiautomatic weapons of all kinds that can be remarkably efficient killing machines.

At Virginia Tech in 2007, Seung Hui Cho shot 47 people in 10 to 12 minutes, using two semiautomatic handguns with magazines that held no more than 15 bullets.

Last December, the U.S. Senate voted down an amendment that would have kept suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms.

At that time Paul Ryan “signaled that barring gun purchases by people on no-fly terror lists — as President Obama urged Wednesday — is not an option. Ryan said government officials put people on such lists without any due legal process and so denying those listed the right to bear arms would violate their rights.”

Republicans value gun rights more than the right to life, apparently.



3 Replies to “Conservatives kill again: they value gun rights more than the right to life

  1. You can not buy ” military grade assault rifles ( a made up liberal term)” with out going through a very extensive back ground check which can take up to a year. This is known as a class 3 weapons licences. Obviously you are to indoctrinated to know this. Quit trying to place the blame on guns instead of the muslim terrorist. Mass shootings and other mass violence, such as the mass stabbings that have happened in China are world wide issue. Despite the Presidents constant lies to the contrary we are not the only country this happens in ; nor do we have the highest number of these incedents. Try looking up facts instead of posting sensationalism to push your agenda.

    1. It’s not a worldwide problem. It’s much worse in the US than in any other country.

      Gun deaths by country (Source: CBS News)

      Well Regulated Militia?

      By the way, your comment is quite ungrammatical.

  2. The rifle that Orlando Omar used was not an AR-15.
    The rifle that Omar used has never been used in any shooting.

    “they value gun rights more than the right to life”

    Right to Life? When did Liberal Democrats ever value life?
    Oh yeah, they are against the Death Penalty, so they value convicted murderers, but they are in favor of Abortion on Demand.

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