Chuck Thompson: Let the South Secede (video)

One can only imagine the humiliation it must be that a black man is in the White House for all those bigoted rubes who were the target of Nixon’s divide and rule “Southern strategy”.  This strategy not only played a big role in getting him elected but has been the central pillar of Republican rule in the South- a key reason for the stalemate in Congress that has forestalled social progress in the US for the last 50 years.    Now with Obama’s re-election, some Southern states are seriously talking secession (a recent Public Policy Poll found that more than 100,000 Americans in Texas and 50,000+ in Georgia have signed secession petitions). Journalist Chuck Thompson author of the new book Better Off Without ‘Em, poses the question: “Why not just let them go?”  He spent two years doing research, interviewing experts, and traveling the not-so-former Confederacy.

However rhetorical the question may be, and however hilarious this discussion may get, it does raise some serious issues because as he illuminates, the South really is essentially a different country.  So might we be better off if the South were to secede?  Let us explore the issue.

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