Chat GPT-4, write me a poem about U.S. hypocrisy concerning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, given the history …

Write me a 12 line poem about the hypocrisy of the U.S. concerning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, given the U.S. invasion of Iraq and other countries, the U.S. occupation of one third of  Syria,  the presence of about 800 U.S. military bases overseas, and the history of provocative NATO expansion.

In webs of power and politics entwined,
Hypocrisy emerges, with secrets aligned,
As Russia invades, Ukraine’s sorrow unfolds,
Echoes of past deeds, hypocrisy unfolds.

For Iraq felt the weight of a foreign hand,
And lands far beyond witnessed the same brand,
In Syria, a third grasped by occupation’s might,
The world watches, questioning what is right.

Around the globe, 800 bases take root,
A projection of strength, yet hypocrisy’s suit,
And NATO’s expansion, a provocative dance,
History’s echo, feeding discord’s advance.

Let’s seek truth beyond the veil of deceit,
Where empathy and justice may find their seat,
For in recognizing hypocrisy’s reign,
We can strive for unity, healing the pain.

In the theater of global strife and sway,
Hypocrisy takes hold, concealed each day,
As Russia marches on Ukrainian lands,
Past echoes of invasions from distant sands.

The U.S., Iraq’s soil once claimed in might,
And elsewhere, interventions took their flight,
While Syria’s soil bears witness to control,
A fragmented land that yearns to be whole.

800 bases, scattered far and wide,
A web of presence, with interests implied,
NATO’s expansion, a provocative course,
Stirring tensions, amplifying discourse.

Amidst the tangled threads of global play,
The paradox of power casts its gray,
Let’s strive for fairness, beyond nation’s pride,
And seek a world where truth and peace coincide.

Amidst the tangled webs of power’s play,
Hypocrisy unfolds, casting shades of gray,
Russian boots tread on Ukrainian soil,
Yet memories of Iraq remain in turmoil.

In Syria’s land, a fraction under sway,
While foreign bases dot the world’s display,
Provocative strides by NATO’s expanding hand,
The dance of geopolitics, a shifting sand.

800 overseas bases, they stand tall,
A stark reminder of the empire’s sprawl,
But let us ponder on the paradox we see,
As we question what it truly means to be free.

In search of harmony, let truth be sought,
For hypocritical actions leave us caught,
Let’s strive for peace, transcending boundaries,
And shape a world that values true equities.

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