Return to Prudent Banking

Last weekend I hosted a free screening of the movie Inside Job at the Kent Library. This documentary shows us how the financial industry pillaged the American economy during the Banking Crisis of 2008. One of the key causes of the Great Recession was the transfer of assets from the balance sheet of banks to […]


Democrats Pass Resolution Opposing “Money as Speech” and Corporate Personhood

Progressives won a victory at the Washington State Democratic Central Committee meeting this past Saturday in Wenatchee. State Committee members from all across Washington State voted to pass a resolution entitled “Amending the U.S. Constitution to Reserve Constitutional Rights for People, not Corporations”. (Related platforms and resolutions have been passed in Oklahoma, New Hampshire and […]

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Thousands rally in Olympia

In solidarity with Wisconsin citizens protesting the hostile takeover of public sector jobs and unregulated privatization of public works contracts proposed by WI Gov. Scott Walker, thousands of people here in Washington rallied at the state capitol  in Olympia yesterday. Amid chants of “What’s disgusting…union busting” and “Hey, hey,  ho, ho, Scott Walker’s got to […]