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What Is Dark Money?

Article Source: Author bio:,_Ph.D. Republished with permission from the author Americans are in the dark when it comes to ‘dark’ money, and our collective confusion—amounting to ignorance—won’t help in the months and years ahead while we watch stakes rise in each new election cycle. Illumination into the nature of dark money won’t come […]

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Short Term Profits or Long Term Survival?

The science is in. Climate change is happening, and it is caused by human activity. Yet the oil and gas industries continue to use their immense cash reserves to fund the campaigns of politicians who are climate change deniers. There is a perfectly understandable reason for them doing so: it is profitable. Bought-and-paid-for politicians granted […]

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Solving Washington State’s Economic Woes: Why We Need A State Bank

Do you know where your tax dollars go? When you go to the drugstore to buy some aspirin for the headache you got watching too many negative campaign ads on TV, the store adds 9.5% of the price to your bill. That money is collected and used by the State of Washington to pay for […]

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Health Care Is Not Just About Insurance

We have to take the profit motive out of providing health care. Insurance companies are corporations required by law to produce maximum return on investment for their shareholders. This leads to excluding people with pre-existing conditions, failure to provide health care for low-income children and their families, and lifetime caps on coverage that cut off […]


Karen Porterfield to Challenge Dave Reichert in WA-08

At Wednesday’s general meeting of the 31st Legislative District Democrats, I met Karen Porterfield, a Management Consultant and Adjunct Faculty member at Seattle University, who is running against Dave Reichert in Washington’s 8th Congressional District. After the 2010 redistricting, the new borders of the 8th stretch across the Cascades from North Yelm in the southwest […]

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Local Resolutions Needed to Overturn Citizens United

In many localities, groups of concerned citizens have approached members of their city or county council asking them to adopt a resolution denouncing corporate personhood and overturning the infamous Citizens United decision by the US Supreme Court that equates money with speech and allows unlimited spending on electioneering by corporate entities that are not even […]

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Taking on Critics of Move To Amend

After reading an article by Steven Rosenfeld on, I think it is important to begin to address some of the criticisms of the movement to amend the Constitution to state that Corporations Are Not People and Money Is Not Speech. Rosenfeld writes: Proposals from two leading grassroots groups, Move To Amend and Free Speech For People … […]

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Get the Money Out of Politics

Get The Money Out Of Politics Two Days of Action and Education Move To Amend – Occupies The Courts – Friday People Ignited Against Citizens United – Saturday January 20 & 21 in Downtown Seattle A broad coalition that includes Occupy Seattle, Move to Amend, Free Speech for People and other organizations is initiating two […]

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Corporations Don't Bleed

“Corporations Don’t Bleed” is the slogan adopted by Free Speech for People, one of several organizations working to put electoral power into the hands of everyday Americans by reducing the undue influence on political decision-making giant multi-national corporations currently wield. Electioneering by corporations using their dollars to sway politicians has always been a part of […]