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A Challenge to Warren Buffet: End BNSF railroad's dependence on hauling and burning fossil fuels!

The Buffett Legacy Project is our moral appeal to multi-billionaire Warren Buffett, owner of BNSF. We launched a petition on Sunday and released a series of video letters asking that Buffett: (full letter below) “End BNSF railroad’s dependence on hauling and burning fossil fuels. Partner with Gov. Inslee to electrify BNSF, increase track speeds, and […]

Coal Trains Protests

ACTION ALERT: Oil Train Halted – Mother suspended above tracks!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rising Tide Seattle along with participants who attended Backbone Campaign’s Localize This! Action Camp launched a technical blockade action early this morning effectively halting both Oil and Coal Trains!! Tired of inaction by politicians? Call Govenor Inslee to tell him actions like this inspire you not his foot-dragging. ***Demand Govenor Inslee Stops Stalling and […]

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Protect Our Salish Sea Native-led Action at Localize This! Action Camp 2014

The reckless and rapid expansion of fossil fuel transport through the Pacific Northwest poses an unprecedented threat to this natural treasure and the safety of our communities. Natives and non-natives are uniting to meet this threat with beautiful resistance… To roll back these perilous misdeeds we need a vibrant movement that stirs our hearts, stokes […]


First Washington State Tree Sit Since 1999!

BREAKING: First Washington State Tree Sit Since 1999! Chiara D’Angelo blockades environmental destruction on Bainbridge Island Contact: 206-940-5082 or 425-495-5320 10060 High School Rd NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 **UPDATED 10:32am** NOW VIDEO FOR DOWNLOAD HERE. ​Images for download HERE & HERE Visconsi has just threatened to press charges if she doesn’t come down by […]

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Rolling Peaceful Rebellion For Real Democracy: 3pm at Greenlake Sunday

For Immediate Release: National Contacts: Backbone Campaign, Bill Moyer, 206-356-9980, Popular Resistance, Margaret Flowers, 410-591-0892, Kevin Zeese 301-996-6582, Click on link for Local Contacts: July 3rd, 8pm (plus)- Dallas, TX July 4th, 8am – Santa Monica, CA July 4th, 11am – Arroyo Seco, NM July 4th, – Nevada City, CA July 4th, 4:30pm […]


Join the Localize This! Action Camp

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The NW Action Camp Localize This! returns for it’s 6th year August 5th-11th. Secure Your Spot – Sponsor an Organizer – Send a Delegation – Spread The Word! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After 6 years Localize This! Action Camp has proven to be a tremendous resource to progressive movements and social change agents from across the country […]


Join the Rolling Rebellion for Real Democracy

Rebellion Is a Muscle that Must Be Exercised! Join the Rolling Rebellion for Real Democracy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IF you treasure the self-evident, endowed by creator, unalienable rights which the Declaration of Independence celebrated and promised this new country would uphold; IF you adhor corporations claiming those unalienable rights as “corporate persons” and think billionaires manipulating elections […]

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"Supreme" Court and US "representative democracy" are in a deep crisis of legitimacy

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is time to arm and train the nonviolent warriors of our time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Bill Moyer’s 10-10-13 statement regarding “Political Calculus” and the crisis of legitimacy for our government. This was delivered on the US Court House in Seattle, WA on the day the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments on McCutcheon VS […]

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Tueday- If Free Dinner Doesn't Get Your Attention Does Flesh-Eating Bacteria?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There is a looming public health crisis fueled by short-sighted greed of the factory farm industry. Seattle is poised to join the growing movement for sensible reform to stop anitbiotics misuse. Yet, vigilance is needed to compel Seattle City Council to take the right action. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Two million Americans are suffering from antibiotic […]