Are you still a Democrat if you want to cut Social Security?

Roll Call: Most Democrats Vote AGAINST Progressive Budget Legislation, including:

Rep. Suzan DelBene
Rep. Denny Heck
Rep. Rick Larsen
Rep. Derek Kilmer
Rep. Adam Smith

The Progressive budget is the Back to Work Budget.

Plenty of not particularly left sources think the Back To Work Budget an excellent idea.

President Bill Clinton:
“The most comprehensive alternative to the budgets passed by the House Republicans and recommended by the Simpson-Bowles Commission”
“Does two things far better than the antigovernment budget passed by the House: it takes care of older Americans and others who need help; and much more than the House plan, or the Simpson-Bowles plan, it invests a lot our tax money to get America back in the future business”

The Economist:
“Mr Ryan’s plan adds (by its own claims) $6 trillion to the national debt over the next decade, but promises to balance the budget by sometime in the 2030s by cutting programmes for the poor and the elderly. The Progressive Caucus’s plan would (by its own claims) balance the budget by 2021 by cutting defence spending and raising taxes, mainly on rich people.”

The Washington Post:
“The Congressional Progressive Caucus plan wins the fiscal responsibility derby thus far.”

“Instead of gutting programs for the poor like Medicaid and Medicare, food stamps, and the new healthcare law, the People’s Budget focuses on cuts in defense. It also doesn’t scrap new financial regulations designed to at least partly stave off another massive financial collapse like the one that put us in this mess in the first place.”

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