Why no thinking, caring person should subscribe to the Seattle Times

Today’s Seattle Times reports: The Seattle Times editorial board supports Initiative 1053, the two-thirds rule for raising state taxes, and disagrees with Judge Bruce Heller’s ruling against it:

State Supreme Court should support I-1053, the two-thirds tax rule

This is why no thinking, caring person should subscribe to the Seattle Times (or patronize businesses that advertise in it).

Not only does I-1053 make it almost impossible to raise taxes; it also makes it nearly impossible to eliminate the billions of dollars in tax exemptions that favor the 1%– something most voters were unaware of when they voted in 2010.    The overall effect of I-1053 is to perpetuate one of the most regressive tax systems in the nation.

The Seattle Times also opposed I-1098, the state income tax on higher earners, in 2010.

Source: David Spring

The Economics Opportunity Institute proposes a concrete set of revenue measures: $1 Billion in Progressive Annual Revenue: Take Back the Giveaways. The measures involve mostly elimination of tax exemptions on corporations — and they’re not targeted specifically at too-big-to-fight powerhouses like Microsoft and Boeing.

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