Why is this billionaire happy?

Happy Billionare
Happy Billionaire
Because of tax cuts and loopholes favoring  the rich. 

Because of outsourcing of jobs overseas. 

Because of union busting. 

Because they’ll cut Social Security and other social programs to pay for his tax breaks and subsidies, as well as for the profitable imperialist wars of aggression. 

Because of the Citizens United ruling declaring corporations to be persons and campaign donations to be free speech. 

Because of increasing concentration of wealth. 

Because of deregulation that will allow freedom to pollute, cheat, and monopolize. 

Because of the lowest tax rates in decades. 

Because poor education and right wing media keep the People uninformed and acting against their own self-interest. 

Because of (manufactured) budget deficits that will require slashing of social programs and regulations. 

Because of bailouts and subsidies for the rich. 

All of the above 

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