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We Can't Live with Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power Plants

The annual peace walk to the Ground Zero Center in Bangor is wrapping up today with a talk by Dennis Kucinich at 6:30 pm. I was able to speak with Senji Kanaeda for a few minutes on July 31st and am finishing up a short video with Senji’s thoughts front and center.

I still have a little tweaking to do on the video, but it’s almost finished and I wanted to get this up. I am also using the video to publicize the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant event at Traditions on Monday, August 8th at 7 pm. We have to stop nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants. This is a road that leads nowhere.



2 Replies to “We Can't Live with Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power Plants

  1. Constructive comments:

    The video starts out mentioning Fukushima but the rest of the video is almost entirely about the WWII nuclear bombings, except for the ending, which was about Buddhism. More focus or more tying together of the threads might improve it.

    The music didn’t fit the images.

    Was the video of the the fireball moving down the city street a real video from Hiroshama or Nagasaki? Part of it was in color.

  2. Fukushima event is over, and that image is gone from the video in favor of slug remembering Sister Jackie Hudson who died last weekend.

    The underlying video is from internet archive, the music, the footage belongs to someone else, I just appropriated it under creative commons license. I didn’t research the video at the front of that video, but I believe it is from Nagasaki, not Hiroshima. Probably not working on this anymore. M & I are capturing footage for a short video about criminalizing homelessness, gentrification, the housing crisis.

    I am hoping to get better with practice. I also expect that some of the videos will just be better or worse than others depending on perspective of the viewer. These things are like prayers, like bon adori, prayers cast upon the waters with the hope that they will find a home, that somehow we will all do the work that creates a different world.

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