Tell the Port Commissioners to stand with the SeaTac community

Looks like Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle Commissioners don’t care about what voters say.
The voters of SeaTac, by passing Proposition 1 the Good Jobs Initiative, have said that every airport job should be a good job. But now Alaska Airlines is trying to take that away.

Tell the Port Commissioners to stop helping Alaska try to take away good jobs.

Effective January 1st, Proposition 1 ensures paid sick days, $15/hour minimum wages, and tip protection for more than 6000 poverty-wage workers in and around our airport.

Alaska Airlines is banking record profits, but they’re suing to take good jobs away from the workers who serve their customers.

And now the Port of Seattle — a public agency — is supporting Alaska’s attempt to take away good jobs from our community. One bizarre reason they are floating is that the airport should be exempt from the law. Yeah, it makes no sense.

Send a message to our elected Port Commissioners telling them to support our community, stand on the right side of history, and stop helping Alaska try to take away good jobs.

The people of SeaTac have spoken. They want workers in and around the airport to have $15/hr, tip protection and paid sick days.The Port Commissioners need to stand with their community and stop trying to carve out special exemptions where the law doesn’t apply.


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