Support public transit at Westlake, Valentine's Day at noon

Valentine’s Day Informational Picket

— Roll Back the Fare Hikes!
— Keep Public Transit Accessible to All!
— Honor Transit Workers with a Fair Contract!

Saturday, February 14, 12:00 pm

<span”>After approving more taxes to save bus service, Seattleites now face a fare hike — compliments of King County elected officials. On March 1, fares rise 25 cents, and more for seniors. Meanwhile, Metro is cutting rider info on weekends and denying Metro transit workers a fair contract.

Rather than hand Boeing $8.7 billion in sweetheart deals, elected officials need to fix the state’s regressive tax structure. Help build a movement to win progressive funding that includes taxing King County’s wealth: expand public transit, lower fares, and end Metro’s sweatshop on wheels with a fair contract.

  • Call KC Exec Dow Constantine at 206-296-4040 & KC Council at 206-296-1000.
    Tell them to show the love for public transit and a humane work environment!

Issued by Shop Floor 587 – a rank-&-file caucus of Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 587, committed to the ATU motto “Freedom through Organization.” email shopfloor587@gmail.com

Endorsers: Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity (OWLS), Transit Riders Union (TRU) and Seattle Radical Women (SRW)

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