Student Debt Noise Brigade Makes Noise For Debt Crisis, this Wed. in Seattle

#MicCheckWallSt Organizer, Press Relations,

Seattle, Washington – August 8th, 2012  - A cacophonous uproar reverberating  from dozens of clanging pots and pans will fill the streets of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, to herald  the march of The Student Debt Noise Brigade.

This Wednesday evening, students and supporters armed with pots and pans will rally at the plaza of Seattle Central Community College at 7pm before a march through Capitol Hill. Their goal: to spread awareness of the crippling student loan debt crisis, a problem that has been compounded by the weak job market and skyrocketing tuition rates.

The weekly Student Debt Noise Brigade events, organized by #MicCheckWallSt, started in June to demonstrate solidarity with the Quebec Student Movement. These events continue to gain steam from the steady increase in participation by local college students and the Seattle community, including nearby residents who enthusiastically show their support by banging pots and pans from their window sills and balconies while the marches pass by below. #MicCheckWallSt encourages everyone who has been affected by student loan debt to join the events and share their stories.

#MicCheckWallSt is a Seattle-based activist group that seeks to re-establish constitutional rights, free speech and political influence as legitimate birthrights of the people and reclaim them from the grip of the privileged, the wealthy  and the inanimate. #MicCheckWallSt creates forums for a multitude of conversations that transform passions into progress through peaceful communication, outreach and action. More information about #MicCheckWallSt is available at

#MicCheckWallSt Organizer, Press Relations

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