Rob McKenna: A Career Fighting Against Progress

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On Wednesday, Rob McKenna announced his candidacy for Governor of our state. We are taking the unprecedented step of alerting you right after his announcement because McKenna has made a career out of fighting against a progressive future for Washington.

McKenna has been a leader against much of what we stand for, including his opposition to affordable, quality health care for all, a healthier environment, and better wages and benefits for working families.1 In addition, he has established a clear track record of supporting the conservative corporate interests that have backed his campaigns.2 McKenna has moved even farther to the right recently to curry favor with Tea Party members, all while trying to sound like a moderate in public.3

Check out our rapid response video exposing McKenna’s conservative record:

We’re deeply concerned about McKenna because he has made a career out of fighting against a progressive future for Washington. Here’s the rundown on his dangerous record:

  • McKenna has used the office of the Attorney General to lead a national lawsuit to overturn the historic health insurance reform law. If he succeeds, hundreds of thousands of people in Washington will be denied the quality, affordable health coverage they deserve. 4
  • McKenna has fought increases in our state’s minimum wage – a law passed by Washington voters that thousands of working families rely on.5
  • McKenna has embraced Tea Party extremists and said it’s “unfortunate” that Americans overwhelmingly oppose Medicare changes that would hurt millions of seniors. 6
  • McKenna sought to overturn current law and deny patients access to critical medications because of the personal objections of pharmacists.7

All across the country, conservative Republicans like Rob McKenna are pushing a Tea Party agenda that will make things worse for all of our families. We can’t let that happen in our Washington, and it’s going to take all of us working together to stop him.


2McKenna has taken tens of thousands of dollars from big health insurance and pharmaceutical companies opposed to health insurance reform:




6Speech to the University of Washington College Republicans on April 20, 2011



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