Reps. Beutler, Hastings, and McMorris-Rodgers sign Koch pledge against climate taxes

The Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity has a project http://www.noclimatetax.com to oppose carbon and other taxes that would address climate change.

Oddly, the website is filled with spelling errors and awkward prose:

We don’t believe it is appropriate to hide tax hike in environmental bills. … This approach allows us to have open an honest debate about whether we should act on climate, as well as having open and honest, and quite separate, debate over the appropriate level of taxes. (source)

Was that written by a native English speaker?

Washington State representatives Beutler, Hastings, and McMorris-Rodgers are included among the list of signers

Jaime Herrera BeutlerU.S. Representative3rd District (Pledge / Release)
Doc HastingsU.S. Representative 4th District – Natural Resources Committee Chairman (Pledge / Release)
Cathy McMorris-RodgersU.S. Representative 5th District – Republican Conference Chairman (Pledge / Release)

as are state senators Benton and Shin:

Donald BentonState Senator 17th District (Pledge / Release)
Paull ShinState Senator 21st District, Vice President Pro Tem (Pledge / Release)

and Rep. Matt Shea:

Matt SheaState Representative 4th District (Pledge / Release)