Obama: Perception vs. Reality

Had we elected Dennis Kucinich, pretending that were possible, I wonder just how that would have translated into Republican votes for progressive legislation, fewer filibusters, or a diminished corporate influence on Congress. President Bush managed to ram his agenda through. As it turns out, there are no corporate interests opposing deregulation, or tax cuts, or […]

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Economics 101 – Deep Bow to Critter's Crap for the Good Work

Critter’s Crap breaks down economics for us. It’s really quite clear. Over a long period of time, the numbers show that the economy grows at a rate of 2.1%. We can and should have a discussion about steady state economics in light of resource depletion, but for the purpose of evaluating economic activity, income and […]


Redistricting: a map and hearings

Washington State is undergoing redistricting, in response to changes in population. At Sunday’s Legislative Action Committee meeting, Sarajane Siegfriedt passed around a redistricting map of King County. Districts which have grown in population (compared to the average) are shown in red and need to shrink. Districts which have shrunk in population (compared to the average) […]

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LAC report: workers' comp, Road Killers, DIME, metro buses, teachers

Workers’ compensation “reform” (Summary: Washington State Labor Council President Jeff Johnson says that House Speaker Frank Chopp and other House Dems deserve strong praise for standing firm and protecting the current workers’ compensation system. Call Chopp and thank him. Call Gregoire and Lisa Brown and ask them to rein in the Senate Road Kill Caucus […]

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Support Seattle teachers, make Chase Bank pay its fair share

Seattle Council of Move-On.org will be joining in support with Seattle Teachers that received pink slips to protest Chase Bank for avoiding State Taxes. Where:  Chase Bank located at 1919 North 45th Street, Seattle, WA 98103 When:  Saturday May 21, 2010 at 11:00 AM Who:  Seattle Education Association, Social Equality Educators, King County Jobs with […]

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Is It Time to Send Out an SOS Call?

I am thinking about suggesting that the progressives, radicals, and rabble (that’s me) consider sending out an SOS. Yes, an emergency call.  I think we are there. In this instance I think the SOS will be an emergency call for a Summer of Solidarity (think Summer of Love). Those of us who voted in 2008 […]


More on Roger Goodman, running for Reichert's congressional seat

State Rep. Roger Goodman is indeed running for Dave Reichert’s 8th CD congressional seat. It seems like Goodman strong on the environment and judicial issues.  He has a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard and a stellar resume. Goodman’s web page description (from http://www.goodmanforcongress.com/about) gives me hope that he’ll be a strong candidate and […]


McDermott, Dosanjh to Speak at NWroots

The NWroots Conference for progressives on July 9th, in Pioneer Square, is now accepting online registrations. NWroots is an opportunity for local writers, readers, activists, elected officials, and progressive candidates to meet in person. The event will feature panels, public officials, a candidates’ social, keynote addresses, documentary screenings, and workshops. A strong line-up of speakers, […]


Tim Eyman attacks public transit

According to Sarajane Siegfriedt, “The Legislature passed a bill that authorizes a $20 increase to King County car tabs to prevent drastic cuts to Metro transit service hours. The 600,000 hours of cuts are the equivalent of all Metro service on the East Side. The new law requires a two-thirds vote of the King County […]