Opposition to the Boeing deal

Senator Bob Hasegawa explains his opposition to the Governor’s bill to extend tax breaks to Boeing:


Hasegawa said the bill is being rushed; there are 9 billion dollars at stake. There’s insufficient data to back up the claims of a 3-to-1 return on investments.  There’s no guarantee that Boeing won’t make room for 777 work in the Everett plant with reduced 787 work.  Also, there’s no job accountability; the plants have to stay here, but there’s no guarantee that the jobs remain here.    Another aspect:  if the Boeing deal is separated from the needed transportation bill, we lose leverage.    Overall, isn’t this bill a race to the bottom?  We can’t maintain a desirable place to live if we cut taxes for corporations. It shifts the burden from corporations to people.  Finally, Hasegawa is concerned about the deal the machinists are being asked to make, sacrificing the welfare of future workers.

Here’s a union website calling for rejection of the deal:  http://www.751voteno.com/.

I heard also, from reliable sources, that House Finance Committee Chair Reuven Carylye was dissatisfied with Gov. Inslee’s proposed tax giveaway to Boeing.

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