MoveOn's email in support of Darcy Burner

[This was in my email inbox this morning.]
There’s one critical primary in Washington State this year—and with just 8 days left, it’s crunch time.
The ballots are in voters’ hands, and candidates and the Super PACs supporting them are spending millions in Washington’s 1st District. But of the seven candidates, there’s only one we can count on to be a real fighter for the 99%.
Darcy Burner has been working for years to make Congress work for us—and it’s time to send her back to D.C. So our friends at Democracy for America are hosting a major Action Summit tomorrow. It’s a one-day training to teach you the most effective and cutting-edge get-out-the-vote skills—and then help you put them to use for Darcy.
The race is going to be extremely close—the latest polls have it within just a few points. Darcy’s opponents have deep pockets and are spending big to flood voters with TV ads and glossy mailers. 
So as voters are making their decisions in these last few days, Darcy will need grassroots muscle to get the message out about her work to end the war in Afghanistan and her plan to fix Congress. MoveOn members can make the difference in this race by reaching out to voters about Darcy and her work. 

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