May Day General Strike

Code Pink says:

Spring is here!
Time to rise up!
Join a May Day action near you

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Print out our Strike Solidarity sign and hang in a public place:
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  • Because war criminals go on book tours while their victims’ corpses rot, and the families grieve.
  • Because 22-yr-olds leave college with heavy loads of debt and few job prospects.
  • Because men and women (and yes, even children) roll themselves in blankets and sleep in doorways, night after night.
  • Because a professor got a police baton in the chest when she tried to protect UC students from violent cops at Occupy Cal.
  • Because “there aren’t enough funds” for childcare or shelters, but there are always enough funds for the Pentagon and the increasingly militarized police forces (read more here).
  • Because wealth and power have concentrated increasingly into the richest 1%.
  • Because tax loopholes allow wealthy corporations and individuals to pay little or no taxes.

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