How you can Fight the Battle in Seattle against TPP

On Monday, March 30, Seattle City Council will vote on a resolution OPPOSING FAST TRACK for the massive, secret, corporate-negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.


Fast Track would circumvent normal Congressional review processes, restricting debate and limiting Congress to an up or down vote on trade policy that would permanently change the balance of power, allowing global corporations to sue our government if economic and environmental policies limit their “future anticipated profits.” A fast track bill could be introduced in Congress any day, and Congress in Washington DC is closely following the debate in Seattle. Join us at full City Council hearing from 2-4 pm and vote to make sure Seattle votes YES on this historic resolution!


THE BATTLE IS ON and once more it’s in Seattle; as goes Seattle, so may go the rest of the nation. If you can’t make it to the City Hall, please call the Council members so they hear from us not just the opposition at this crucial moment.
The message should be that the TPP, negotiated in secret, with no public involvement, has harmful provisions that threaten Seattle’s ability, as well as the state of Washington’s ability, to protect our environment, health, and worker’s rights. This is due to investor state provisions in the TPP that allow multi-national corporations to sue governments in secret trade tribunals when they believe a law or regulation harms their profits. Seattle needs to stand up and oppose this attack on our sovereignty.

Here is an easy way to e-mail them: council@seattle.gov.

I ask that you call also. At a minimum, please call the first five. Here are the numbers:

Sally Bagshaw 206 684 8801
Sally Clark 206 684 8802
Jean Godden 206 684 8807
Bruce Harrell 206 684 8804
Tim Burgess 206 684 8806
Tom Rasmussen 206 684 8808
Nick Licata 206 684 8803
Mike O’Brien 206-684 8800
Kshama Sawant 206-684 8016

Linda Brewster
MoveOn Regional Organizer
360 379-4023
TPP Call Host Team

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