Here come the anti-I1631 ads from the oil companies

The Western States Petroleum Association sent me a glossy attack ad about the carbon tax initiative:

Anti-I-1631 ad from the Western States Petroleum Association

Inside the fold, it warns of higher prices.

Just this morning I got email from the YesOn1631 group saying:

Big oil is trying to buy this election.

Chevron has contributed $500,000.
Tesoro has contributed $4,362,827.
BP has contributed $6,443,709.
Phillips 66 has contributed $7,201,187.

More than $20 million has been contributed to spread LIES about Initiative 1631. They are just going to keep digging into their deep pockets to keep us down — we have to fight back.

It is noteworthy that while BP is one of the companies donating to the anti-I-1631 effort, Royal Dutch Shell decided not to get involved, according to the Seattle Times. “Shell, which operates the state’s second largest refinery, in Anacortes, has opted to sit on the sidelines of what has emerged as one of the most expensive initiative battles in Washington history. If approved, Initiative 1631 could serve as a model for other states.” But the oil companies now at least acknowledge that climate change is a real problem caused by burning of fossil fuel.

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