Heist: Who Stole The American Dream? — Sunday at Olympia Film Society

The Heist

Date:     Sunday 3/18/2012
Time:     2:30 pm
Where: The Capitol Theater.  360.754.6670 | 206 5th AVENUE SE, OLYMPIA WA, 98501
Sponsor:  Olympia Film Society

Notes:     Dir: Francis Causey, Donald Goldmacher / 2011 / US / 90 min / High Definition digital

A new, groundbreaking feature documentary about the roots of the American economic crisis, and the continuing assault on working and middle class people in the United States, Heist boldly reveals the crumbling structure of the U.S. economy – the result of four decades of deregulation, massive job outsourcing, and tax policies favoring mega-corporations and wealthy elites. Through expert testimony, investigative filmmaking, and key archival footage, Heist unfolds critical historical background, beginning with the dismantling of FDR’s New Deal, uncovering the ideological influence of the infamous Powell Memo and the Heritage Foundation’s Mandate for Leadership on government reform, and traces both Republican and Democrat allegiance to big business. After detailing how the economy has been derailed, Heist offers a robust Take Action section with real world solutions and up-to-the-minute footage from the current Occupy Wall Street movement – an essential primer for everyday Americans to participate in the restoration of economic fairness and our democracy. A movie with its pulse on the most urgent issues of our time, Heist aspires to spark national dialogue, champion solutions and encourage audiences to engage with one another to understand how we might create a fair, sustainable economy.

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