Clint Didier and the 4th CD

We didn’t get our candidate through the primary, and because of that, we are stuck with an impossible choice. Three impossible choices to be exact.

1. Refuse to vote, in the hopes that out of tens of thousands of votes, your protest vote makes a statement…to whom, I have no idea, since we have a secret ballot.

2. Vote for Clint Didier in the hopes that after his election, his crazy will show, and suddenly the thousands of people who voted for him will wake up and vote for an, as yet, unknown messiah candidate who, without a ton of cash, and without WSDCC or DCCC support will somehow part the Red Sea and win an election against an incumbent.

3. Vote for Dan Newhouse with the realization that until we have a strong and vibrant Democratic Party, in the 4th, that is supported by the State Party and Democrats from across the State, we have to vote for the person that will be the least destructive to our community, and work twice as hard to elect Joe Pakootas.

Here are the facts:

Clint Didier:
• Favors phasing out Social Security

• Wants to cut Medicare and Medicaid

• Wants to withdraw from the United Nations

• Believes that we should hand over the nations largest superfund site, (Hanford), to private corporations and end the department of Energy and the EPA

• Wants to end the Department of Education

• Believes more racial profiling is needed in this county

• Believes an underage woman should have to get the permission of her Sexually abusive father, to end an unwanted incestuous pregnancy

These are all things that I have, personally heard him say.

Clint Didier has never held public office, and never held any position (Board or Commission) that benefited our community.

Dan Newhouse
• Appointed as Director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture (2009-2013), by then Gov. Gregoire (D)

• Served four terms in the Washington State House of Representatives (2003-2009)

• Past President of the Hop Growers of America and the Hop Growers of Washington

• Farmer near Sunnyside for the past thirty years

• Board of Directors Member for the Central Washington Fair

• Isn’t Clint Didier

I would much rather vote for a Democrat in the 4th, but we don’t have that option because we didn’t turn out the vote, and that falls on all of us. Here’s the deal:

If you don’t vote, you’re de-facto voting for Didier whether you like it or not, and if you vote for Didier you’re crazy.

In my opinion, a vote for Didier is a vote AGAINST our community. We all have a responsibility to our community. We may not like the choices, but I’d much rather shoot myself in the foot, than shoot myself in the head.

**Added note:

You CANNOT write in a candidate unless they have registered as a write-in candidate. That is State law. Your vote will not be counted. It is the same as not voting in that race….i.e., in my opinion, it’s the same as voting for Didier.

**Added note:

The 4th CD will not receive DCCC money until we have a candidate that can raise $1 million minimum, has state wide name recognition, and has polls in hand that shows them with 45% support of likely voters, minimum. Period.

We have a lot of work to do. I look forward to seeing you all at the next BCDCC meeting, Wednesday at 7pm at the Richland public library, to help us build the party.

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