BAINPORT: Sunday- Live Interactive Podcast

Join this special interactive live podcast with the Sensata workers of Bainport. They have been striving for an economy that works for everyone, not just “Vulture Capitalists. This is your opportunity to hear from, ask questions with, and bolster the spirits of some of these courageous workers/warriors.

On Halloween, Vulture Capitalists once again descended upon Bainport to harvest away more jobs. Learn how artful activism by Backbone Campaign, Overpass Light Brigade and others helped amplify the terrific work already being done. 

vulture in chief

Story of Bainport: Their labor gave Sensata $500 million in profits in the second quarter of 2012. This wasn’t enough profit for Bain Capital who bought them and is moving their factory to China. The closing of their factory and the off-shoring of their jobs is an inevitable result of “vulture capitalists'” insatiable hunger for profits without regard for the well-being of others. These workers have rallied with their community with supporters stretching across national borders. They have steadfastly encamped across from what once was their place of work withstanding torrential rains, freezing temperatures, and now no running water. Saturday they could be evicted.

Their fight is for justice, fairness, dignity, and respect for their coworkers and workers of the world. Let’s honor their courage to stand up for justice by organizing for it in our own communities.

How To Participate this Sunday November 4th 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific:

  • Watch the podcast on Backbone’s Ustream Channel.
  • There will be time for Questions & Answers so have them ready.
  • Conference Call Phone Number: 1-218-339-4300 Access code is 1037729#
  • If you have a question or want to share your support, mention so in the chat box on Ustream so we know to call on you.
  • Call into our conference line and please stay muted until we call on you to speak.

The story of Bainport has broken international news with extensive coverage on Democracy Now!, CNN, MSNBC’s The Ed Show, and has been covered by The New York Times, The Guardian, Up With Chris Hayes, and visits by Jesse Jackson, Senator Dick Durbin and others.

Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! with Backbone Board Member Kyle Tanner and a Vulture Capitalist puppet in freezing temperatures. This Vulture made during Backbone’s weekly imagery building gatherings at our HQ.
The heroes in Bainport are the workers. Sensata workers pictured here with no prior activism experience practiced non-violent civil disobedience by blocking the trucks hauling away the machinery they worked on for as many as 40 years. They were handcuffed and arrested at their own plant just so greedy Vulture Capitalists like Bain Capital can line their pockets by exploiting Chinese workers paying them less than a $1 per hour.

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