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Westlake Rally Tuesday 5PM, march to City Hall Wed morning

Tomorrow (Tuesday) Occupy CEHKC (the Campaign to End Homelessness in King County) is having a rally in Westlake Plaza downtown Seattle from 5PM to 7PM. Members of SAFE will be attending as part of the coalition. Some will be occupying Westlake for the night. Wednesday morning at 7:30AM members of Occupy CEHKC will march to […]

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Beacon Hill and Bank of America

Commentary by Bryce Phillips (a SAFE Member) SAFE’s roots are in the Occupy movement which emerged in 2011. The roots of SAFE can also be found in struggles of workers and the unemployed in the 1930s, where eviction blockades and move back-ins were common. There was a moratorium on bank evictions in 25 states and […]

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SAFE: Join the Resistance

Join the Resistance By Joshua Farris The system is so crazy that people who want to pay to stay in their homes are displaced by banks that took billions in bail-outs from the tax payers. Aren’t people too big to fail? Forget about the big question of when our bail-out is coming. Just leave us […]

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Rally Against Using Taxpayer Money to Help Banks, today at 3:00 PM (correction)

What: Press Conference & Rally When: 3:00 PM, Wed., Aug. 14 Where: Seattle City Hall, Fourth Ave., between Cherry and James ************************** SAFE WANTS SEATTLE TO STAY AWAY FROM BANK EVICTIONS No Taxpayer Money To Help Banks Evict Homeowners Members of SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction) are holding a rally Wednesday afternoon in front […]

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Eminent Domain

In Richmond, CA, half the homes are underwater (the homes are worth less than the mortgages). The city, which is composed mainly of people of color, is hemorrhaging financially, but the mayor, Gayle McLaughlin, an Occupy Wall Street activist and Green Party member, wants her city to invoke eminent domain to stanch the bleeding. The […]

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Needs vs. Profits

On every newsletter we send you and nearly every flyer, brochure, and banner we produce SAFE includes the words “Housing is a Human Right!” Our belief is that all human beings, solely because they are human beings, should have a right to safe, clean, and dignified shelter. This is a tad different from the way […]

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SAFE's significant strides

In the past three months SAFE has made significant strides. We’ve engaged in our first eviction blockade. In early May the King County Sheriff posted an eviction notice at the home of SAFE member Jeremy Griffin, and dozens of supporters set up tents in Jeremy’s yard conducting a round-the-clock vigil. At a SAFE press conference […]

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Local Anti-Foreclosure Group Presses Case Against State's Largest Foreclosure Company

What: Press Conference & Protest at Bellevue Foreclosure Auction  Time: 10:00 AM Date: Fri., July 19 Where: Northwest Trustee Services, 13555 SE 36th St., Bellevue, WA 98006 Who: SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction) Why: On July 11, Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Richard Okrent denied a motion to dismiss a case against both Quality […]

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SAFE Newsletter Week Two July 2013

Upcoming Actions – Now until ????? – Awaiting word to resume Eviction Blockade as Jeremy’s home was tagged/eviction posted on Tuesday, July 9th. July 12th –   Peacekeeper Training, Bethany UCC  1 – 3PM –  WTF WF GT – Picket for Jeremy at Georgetown Wells Fargo. 5963 Corson Av S, Ste 140 98108 –  Further info […]

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Wells Fargo, you can't hide. Everyone can see your greedy side!

Five members of SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction) were arrested Tuesday at a downtown Seattle branch of Wells Fargo as they protested the imminent eviction of Jeremy Griffin from his South Park home. While sitting in the bank’s lobby, the five chanted “We Shall Not Be Moved” and read a letter from Mr. Griffin […]