Rally Against Using Taxpayer Money to Help Banks, today at 3:00 PM (correction)

SAFE: Standing against foreclosure and eviction, Seattle

What: Press Conference & Rally
When: 3:00 PM, Wed., Aug. 14
Where: Seattle City Hall, Fourth Ave., between Cherry and James



No Taxpayer Money To Help Banks Evict Homeowners

Members of SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction) are holding a rally Wednesday afternoon in front of Seattle City Hall demanding that no taxpayer money be used to support the banks in an eviction dispute.

On Tuesday, SAFE delivered a letter to Mayor McGinn contending that Wall Street banks have such a long history of fraud, money laundering, and rate fixing that the Seattle police should never be deployed on the side of the banks against the homeowners in what really is a civil land dispute.

Since the King County Sheriff handles bank evictions, we asked SAFE member Stephen Price why they are bringing this issue to the Mayor. “SAFE is already talking with Sheriff Urquhart,” says Mr. Price, “but we want the Mayor to know that the Seattle police should stay away if the dispute continues post eviction or if the County Sheriff seeks the support of the SPD.”

According to Jen Wallis, another SAFE member, “My home is in foreclosure. That my own tax dollars might be used to help a fraud-ridden bank throw me out of my own home, is criminal. Every month 250 Seattle families lose their homes to the banks. We didn’t elect our city officials to help Wall Street throw us out of our homes.”

SAFE is a grassroots, non-profit organization made up of volunteers and homeowners dedicated to building a mass movement to stop bank evictions, achieve principal reductions, and put people before profit.

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