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An Eviction Blockade to defend the Barton Family will begin at 7am on Thursday morning in front of their home in West Seattle at: 6548 41st Ave SW Seattle, WA 98136 ‎

Drop everything and be a part of history!  We need people to show up when they can and sign up for shifts to be present. We need activists willing to risk arrest to contact us as soon as possible. We need neighbors willing to donate food or put pressure on the development company to contact us via email or call Josh at: 206-290-7345.

Jean and Byron are fighters. They have two sons. Jean works for a homeless shelter. Byron is a disabled Vietnam Veteran. They are both refusing to be thrown out of their home. Bryon grew up here and has lived in the home for over fifty years. He claims that the bank illegally foreclosed on him. The development company Triangle Properties offered the Bartons $14,000 to move out and then told them they would get nothing. The Bartons are appealing the foreclosure. The Sherrif’s department originally refused to evict and then was threatened by Triangle with a law suit. They now say Byron will be put in a hospital and his wife and kids will be forced out. Jean’s says that they will have to arrest her to remove her from her home.

SAFE sees housing as a human right and will meet the eviction with a human blockade. Join the resistance movement and let’s beat back the bank attack. Triangle Properties is going to regret trying to profit off displacement and refusing to negotiate with the household.

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For Immediate Release 

July 17, 2014

CONTACT: Randy Whitelock- – 206-355-6160

Eviction Blockade for Jean and Byron Barton’s Home


The Barton’s are a family of four that are facing a hasty and illegal eviction from their home in West Seattle. Byron is a wheelchair bound disabled veteran of the Vietnam War. Jean works for Mary’s Place, a homeless services agency in Seattle. They have two sons Brandon and Bryan.

The Barton’s made the news a few weeks ago when a King County Sherriff’s Deputy refused to carry out an eviction, citing moral authority. The Barton’s claim that their home was illegally foreclosed upon. Now Triangle Properties, the corporation trying to quickly steal the Barton’s home from under them, has pressed the Sherriff’s Department to proceed with another eviction. This time, the Barton’s will be ready to defend their home.

A human eviction blockade will be set up in front of the Barton’s home to meet the Deputies when they arrive. This form of civil disobedience will be used because all other strategies for keeping the Barton’s in their home, including offering to pay a bond to stay, have been exhausted. The stakes are high; if an eviction is carried out, Byron will be forced out of his home and into an ambulance that will drop him off at the local VA hospital, and Jean and her children will all be forced into separate living situations. The entire family will be torn apart by this eviction.

“I will stay until the Sherriff sends me to the VA hospital,” says Byron Barton, from his wheelchair.

Date: The Eviction blockade starts at 7am on Thursday, July 17th. There will be a press conference Friday afternoon.

What:  Eviction Blockade in Front of Jean and Byron’s home.

Where: 6548 41st Ave SW in West Seattle

Who: Members of SAFE (Standing Against Foreclosure & Eviction), Washington CAN, Sea Sol, and the Barton Family

Visuals: Picket Signs and Protesters, chants led through megaphone, tents on the law, 24 occupation, and a human blockade in front of the Barton’s door to prevent Sherriff’s deputy’s from proceeding with the eviction. There may be arrests. Byron and Jean wil not be moved. Press conference Friday afternoon. Interviews available upon request.

Why:  The Barton’s are fighting to stay in their home and keep their family together. An eviction would mean sending Byron to a VA hospital and Jean and the children to separate living situations.  They have taken all possible steps to stave off an eviction, including offering to pay a bond in County Court. The justice system has failed them, and now they are forced to take action. 

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