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Should Dennis Kucinich run for Congress in Washington State?

Dennis Kucinich’s congressional district in Ohio is being dissolved, and Kucinich is apparently considering a run in Washington State. He has been visiting Washington State a lot recently giving speeches.  But State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz is opposed to Kucinich running here. “I am alarmed at the spoiler role Rep. Kucinich could play should he run for office in Washington, such as in the 1st or the new 10th CD.” (source; see also this).

Should Kucinich run for Congress in Washington State and should grassroots Democrats and progressives advocate for Kucinich to run?

Not sure

Yes, Kucinich is great.

No, Kucinich is too far left and/or an unwelcome carpetbagger who would likely lose.

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4 Replies to “Should Dennis Kucinich run for Congress in Washington State?

  1. Kucinich surely would lose. I can’t imagine any scenario where he would be preceived as adding value to washington state. Better to let people who actually live in the distirct make their case for why they should represent us.

  2. I just voted no in the poll and my no vote did not appear in the tally.

    I think Kucinich should run for Ohio governor.

  3. Your vote appears now. Not sure why it didn’t appear before. That goes to show you that you can’t trust Internet voting, I guess!!! I’m checking the program for bugs…. Thanks.

  4. Dennis is an American citizen and a leader of the Peace Movement in Congress. I think it should be up to Dennis to decide where to run – and up to the voters in the Congressional District to decide whether they want to elect him. Dennis has thousands of dedicated supporters in Washington State, and if all the wars are still going on next year, I think Dennis would win in a landslide.

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