Revamping Washington State’s Initiative Process: Sept 15

InspireSeattle  invites YOU to join us at our Social Forum:  Saturday, September 15th at 6:30PM.

Main discussion topic for this evening:  Revamping Washington State’s Initiative Process

Washington State has seen extensive growth in recent years of initiatives being proposed on our election ballots.  Our state’s initiative process has turned into something other than a citizen option for desired legislation.  Many feel recent initiatives have handcuffed the legislative process, and dramatically slowed true progress in resolving many extremely important issues to our state.

State Representative Mary Lou Dickerson is assembling a coalition to analyze the impact of the initiative process on our state’s revenue and legislative realities.  Mary Lou will be our September 15th Inspire Seattle presenter and will lead the discussion about how we can improve the initiative process and rein in recent abuses.

Please join us for this important discussion!

Guest Speaker:  State Representative Mary Lou Dickerson:  

Representative Dickerson was elected to the Washington House of Representatives in 1994, representing the 36th legislative district as a Democrat. She is currently serving her 9th term in the House and serves as the chair of the Health and Human Services Appropriations committee. She also sits on the Ways and Means committee and the Early Learning and Human Services committee. Her legislative priorities include:

  • security for children and families
  • quality education; clean and safe environment
  • safe and practical transportation solutions


Rep. Dickerson is a former director of the Bellevue Schools Foundation, former program development director for National CASA, and a founder of Treehouse.  Representative Dickerson plans to leave the Washington State Legislature at the end of this term after eighteen years.  One of her key new areas of focus will be on revamping our state’s initiative process.


Come join us for what should be a very important and interesting evening!!!


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When:  Saturday, September 15th at 6:30PM.  Please try to be on time!!!

Where:  Pat and Dave Griffith, 2561 12th Ave West, Seattle, WA  98119.   206/285-2452

Click this link for a map:


Best driving route is 15th Ave. West.  At golf course, Gilman Drive, go uphill (a very sharp right turn if approaching from the south) until you reach 12th Ave. West and turn left.  When street splits, stay to the right and go to the end around hairpin.  We are the third house south of W. Raye St. on the downhill side.  House number is 2561 – look for the big trees and the Inslee sign.

Bus route is the #1 Kinnear; get off at West Halladay.  Buses on 15th Ave. West require a 3 block walk up 172 steps!


It’s a potluck:  so please help out and bring something to eat and to drink!

6:30 to 7:45:  Social time!  Eat, drink, relax, and catch up with some other local progressives

Formal discussion, 7:45 to 9:30

Official Welcome and “Rules of Engagement!” – Thank you for coming out!

Guest Speakers!

Sharing of Activism Efforts by Folks in Our Group – please share with us your actions!

Activism Opportunities for the Next Month – what ideas can you share?

Book Club – Quick status of Book Club activities

Other Announcements – got any?

Plan for Next Event

Rules of Engagement!

1.  So that everyone has a chance to participate, please keep your comments short

2.  Raise one’s hand to ask a question in lieu of shouting out

3.  Respect the points of views of others

4.  No arguing of politics during the formal discussion – save that for afterwards! 

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