Pizza and Progressive Politics… Washington State Progressive Caucus Gathering

[Update: 2012/05/38.  Two new presentations:

*How to Rebuild the Economy in Washington StateSenator Maralyn Chase, 32nd LD

*Ending Wars & Fixing Congress  Darcy Burner Democratic Candidate for Congress 1st CD]

WA Progressives

Are you coming to the Democratic Convention in Seattle & looking for an inexpensive place to have dinner Friday night, June 1st?

Are you interested in learning about progressive solutions to our State’s economic problems?

Would you like to meet and network with other progressive Democrats here in Washington State?

Come to our Washington State Progressive Caucus Gathering!

When: Friday June 1, 2012 6 to 9 PM

Where:Piecora’s Pizza on Capitol Hill at Pike and Madison

1401 East Madison Street Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 322-9411

10 blocks east of the Convention Center on Pike (see map below)

Cost: $10 (Free for members of the Progressive Caucus so join now!)

Note: The Progressive Caucus will be meeting at the Convention Center from 3:15 to 4:15 pm in Room 612 on June 1st. Those who join then will get to attend the pizza dinner that same night for FREE. To get to the 6th Floor meeting, you must first sign in as a Guest in Room 4C.

Food: All you can eat Pizza, Salad and Pop

Who:Any Democrat (you do not have to be a member of the Progressive Caucus to attend)


Progressive Presentations (More to come):

*Why the Washington Investment Trust would Create Jobs and Lower Taxes, Representative Bob Hasegawa, Prime Sponsor of the Investment Trust bill.

*Options for Restoring School Funding without Raising Taxes, David Spring, M. Ed.

Washington Public Bank Coalition and Democratic Candidate for State House, 5th LD.

*How to Rebuild the Economy in Washington StateSenator Maralyn Chase, 32nd LD

*Protecting Schools from Privatization, Dora Taylor, Co-Founder Parents Across America

*Why we should not go to War with Iran, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (video)

*The Occupy Movement, Free Speech & the Democratic Party Mark Taylor-Canfield

*Joe Hill Sings Again, Song writer Gary Kanter will help inspire us to progressive action!

*Open Mike… Got a Progressive Cause you would like to share? Email Us! or


Buses: Either the #10 or #12 bus will get you from the Convention Center to Pike and Madison

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