On stopping perpetual wars

Are people creating affinity groups (groups of trusted friends who share your values and support each other) to do creative nonviolent direct actions in case Congress votes for Military Action or Obama orders the start of a new war? Who are you having dinner with tonight? A conference call with tomorrow?

My daughter thought they (Congress and Obama) should be given a “Time Out” if they continue down the war path. I feel like the whole system should be brought to a grinding halt. What can inflict a true cost to the guardians of the status quo while bringing a population who is hungry for sustainable jobs, healthy communities and exhausted and angry about the injustice and insecurity of perpetual war to join us?

Consider effective, sympathetic, nonviolent actions to do with people you love and trust in the coming days and weeks. Put a wrench in the the war machine.

Readiness, willingness, and preparations for this are potentially as important as the actions themselves. The threat of an uprising is essential to stop a war before it is started.

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