Occupy Graduation & new Doo-Occupy video (Cameo by Ben Cohen!)

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Watch NEW Doo-Occupy Video with Guest Appearance by Ben Cohen!

Sign-up to Occupy Graduation & order Balls-N-Chains for you and your friends!

Creative Call for Student Debt Jubilee & Free Higher Education


This music video was created as part of the Doo-Occupy to Bail Out America project, a collaboration instigated by the Backbone Campaign (‪http://BackboneCampaign.org‬), Ariel and Crystal Zevon to spread best practices in artful activism and community organizing for eviction protection, student debt relief and other economic democracy causes.

BOccupy Graduation Giant Ballackbone Campaign is part of a fantastic collaboration called OccupyGraduation.net in collaboration with OccupyStudentDebt.com, Ben Cohen (of ice cream fame), Occupy Colleges and many more. Graduates across the country will wear cartoonish balls-n-chains as they accept their diplomas and graduate from student to debtor.

This creative protest is a fun way to demonstrate how our society’s failure to prioritize education instead of war, Sallie Mae and Wall Street profiteers over the aspirations of our people, tax cuts for the rich instead of robust free higher education is burdening our society. Our failure to provide for the basic human right of education is an embarrassment – and an economic drain.

Visit OccupyGraduation.net and if you are walking across the stage or wearing a mortar board hat this graduation season, then join the fun!

ALSO – Check out our Student Debt Jubilee – Why Higher Education Ought to be Free
Podcast and Organizer Resource page.

Ben Cohen – Producer
Ariel Zevon – Lead Vocal, Writer, and Co-Producer
Crystal Zevon – Co-Producer
Adam Woogmaster – Vocals and music coordination
Bennett Shapiro, Mad Tech Sound – Sound Engineer
Bill Kinzie – Director and Editor
Brandon – Camera Man and Editor

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