My letter to Nancy Pelosi

91% of Americans do not want the US to engage in any military action in Syria. Over and over again, Americans have  shown the way to their elected represented representatives and those representatives have been deaf to their voices.

What unimaginable hubris is driving members of Congress like yourself, to commit an even more serious war crime than the one that the president alleges (he has no proof) is beyond understanding. Violence is the wrong response.

According to the Geneva Conventions (also domestic statute) anyone who is aware of a war crime and has the power to stop it, who fails to do so, is guilty of a crime equal to the one she failed to prevent. These are capital crimes Nancy, for which Germans paid with their lives after WW2.

Where is money coming from? Congress is telling us we must tighten our belts, not educate our children or help those punished by the crimes of others in the economic collapse or provide for those who jobs have been exported or provide medical care for those who cannot afford it because of the deficit. That’s your deficit Nancy. Half of it is from opportunistic wars and the other half is from failure to tax the profits from these wars.

This is your war crime.

Stop now and back away from another bloody, unjustifiable, illegal war.

Carol Davidek-Waller

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