Jeffrey Sachs’ damning video about U.S. policy in Ukraine: The U.S. Has Lost its Mind

Sachs speaks with Canadian journalists, educating them about U.S. imperialism and lies about Ukraine and criticizing the Canadian government for going along with U.S. policy in Ukraine.

Sachs worked (with support from the U.S.) as advisers for Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and several Ukrainian leaders.  In the video he talks about NATO expansion. He says plans for the incorporation of Ukraine into NATO were made as early as 1992 (I think).  He was shown detailed plans.  He also discusses the Maidan protest and, the coup (organized by Jake Sullivan, Victoria Nuland, and Joe Biden). An NGO worker in Ukraine bragged to Sachs about how the U.S. had financed the Maidan protests. After the coup, Sachs was invited to Ukraine to advise the new government.  Thereafter a civil war began in the east of Ukraine, and the U.S. poured in weapons.

Sachs recalls how the U.S. stopped the peace deal in the spring of 2022, as told by Bennett.

Sachs says the U.S. doesn’t care about the lives lost in Ukraine. Romney said in some speech that the war is great: Russians are suffering and dying and not a single American is getting killed.

Sachs says there are three possible outcomes to the war (1) Ukraine succeeds in pushing out Russia. That would result in Russia using nuclear weapons. (2) Russia wins. That makes the war moot. (3) The war goes on forever (“American-style wars”). [Think: Afghanistan.]

“We don’t have diplomats anymore, ladies and gentlemen. We just have diplomats trying to prove that they are war mongers.” The Ukrainians “are suffering beyond belief. Their government has gambled everything of their country on the U.S. backing on the U.S. backing. It’s a terrible gamble. I tried to tell them. Ask the Vietnamese, ask the Nicaraguans, ask Afghanistan, ask Libya, ask the Syrians.” The U.S. always leaves behind a disaster.

We need to end the war by negotiations, not by an “illusory victory over a country with 1600 deployed nuclear weapons. It doesn’t even make sense.” The bipartisan consensus in D.C. is that the U.S. (which has 4.1% of the world population) can run the world. This is their literal, mind-boggling view. Victoria Nuland and her husband Robert Kagan believe it; he writes books about it.

A Canadian journalist asks Sachs: even if Canada told the U.S. to be less hawkish, would the U.S. listen? Sachs replies that Canada and other countries should do so. Leaders in France, Germany, India, and other countries know the war is a disaster, but they’re afraid to speak out. Macron has said a few things. Sachs asked a European prime minister last year why he doesn’t say something to stop the war. The prime minister said, “Because they treat us like children.”

Sachs says 80% of the world “ain’t impressed” by the war and “aren’t standing up and rooting for the United States.” They are suffering the effects of the war (inflation and hunger).

Sachs suggested that Biden pick up the phone and talk with Putin. But the American leadership behave like bullying children. Prime Minister Trudeau too should speak with Putin.

BOTH sides can be evil in a war.

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