"I have a gun and I'm NOT afraid to use it."

The attitude of conservatives nowadays is: “I have a gun and I’m not afraid to use it.”   They have lots of power and they’re willing, in fact, eager to destroy much of what we hold dear.

They believe or pretend that they’re doing God’s work and that they’re saving the People from the evils of government and liberalism.  In fact they’re dangerous fanatics who are out to destroy our environment, our economy, and our heritage.

Armed with their slimy, deceptive talking points (“Social Security is a ponzi scheme”, “Socialism doesn’t work”, “Government-run hospitals are filthy”, “Only private industry creates jobs”, “We won’t raise anyone’s taxes,” “Taxes and regulations are destroying jobs”, “Pro-life”, “Liberty”,…), they can beat back any arguments.       And the ill-informed and struggling voters largely follow them.  For example, Washington State voters rejected I-1098 and passed I-1053 by almost two-to-one margins.

Voters in Weimar elected National Socialists.

Conservatives have perfected a winning electoral formula: corrupt, bankrupt, and mismanage government, then blame government and taxes for problems.  Enough voters go along with them so that conservatives can win at the polls or steal elections.  And like the proverbial frog in the pot, we’re slowly being boiled.  Their plan to drown government and liberals in a bathtub of red ink, corruption, and mismanagement is succeeding.

I had hope that President Obama would resist the conservative onslaught, but he’s caved in or doesn’t care or has been out-numbered, or all three. The Democratic Party is corrupted too, by the need to raise funds, though it’s not as bad as the GOP.   Moreover, it sure does seem incompetent.   Democrats coddle Republicans; when given the chance to impeach or indict them; they look the other way, or “look forward.” The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” was poorly named; it was also largely a sellout to vested corporate interests.  Obama is shooting himself in the foot with all his sellouts. His approval ratings are dropping, and he may drag the rest of the Democratic Party over the cliff.

I like to say that our enemy is “conservatives”, not “Republicans.” There are conservative and centrist Democrats , and they are part of the problem too.

Unfortunately, it appears that things are going to get a lot worse before they get better, because jobs, profits, technology, and sanity are being shipped overseas.

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