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Favorite Guitar Player?

I love Jerry Garcia, Carlos Santana, Joe Pass, Duane Allman and Dickie Betts as a duo were very fine, but I will choose Pat Metheny.  Pat’s collaboration with Lyle Mays has produced some great stuff.

The guy is a fantastic technician on guitar, but it’s more than that.  He plays in the key of hope to my ear.



3 Replies to “Favorite Guitar Player?

  1. This is the only thing that people disagree about more vehemently than religion and politics! LoL You and I agree that Carlos Santana is in the top 5. I’m surprised, given your other choices that you overlooked Stevie Ray Vaughan. Eddie Van Halen is amazing; if you know how to play, when you listen to Eddie, you think, “How does he do THAT?” I have a personal soft spot for the oft-ignored Lindsey Buckingham. But my all-time favorite is David Gilmour.

    1. I love SRV, but I think he borrowed pretty heavily from Jimi. Also, thinking that he may have accomplished a lot of the Jimi sound with electronics that did not exist for Jimi. Gilmour is also one of my favorites, but sort of submerged in the whole Pink Floyd sound which is so great. Guess I better listen to Mr. Van Halen.

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