Boeing demands, and gets, more tax breaks

The Seattle Times is reporting: “Gov. Jay Inslee has asked state legislators to pass a package of bills that include granting Boeing after 2024 estimated state tax savings of $8.7 billion.”  They’re also asking for $10 billion in transportation funding, and for concessions from the unions.

Boeing threatens that unless the state and unions give those concessions, they’ll build the 777X elsewhere.

I say: let them go. Call their bluff.  The state needs to pay for education and other services. We can’t engage in a race to the bottom with other states.

As Luke Held says on the Washington State Progressive Caucus facebook page, “Why does the press not call this hostage taking? I’ll never know (or I should say understand).”     And Sarajane Siegfriedt says, “Boeing already got $2.3B over 20 years (2003) from we the people. An excellent Seattle Times analysis this week says manufacturing it anywhere else is uneconomical and risky.”

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