Bad taste: Move to Amends' crude video

Move To Amend sent out an email with a link to the above crude video. They wrote:

Move to Amend feels it is critical to have a bigger presence in the social networks, so we have created a series of short videos to be released on the Internet in the upcoming weeks (tune in every Tuesday).

These cutting edge ads for the young at heart will get people’s attention and drive folks to the Move to Amend petition, and as a result, to the We the People Amendment.

Q.: What on Earth does a Naked Hulk have to do with the We the People Amendment?

A.: Click on the image below to watch our video and find out!

I agree that reaching out beyond the progressive echo chamber is a good idea, but the above video is too crude, in my opinion — unless their aim is to reach the 4 – 10 year old interest group.

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