Black Friday Walmart Protest in Factoria, Bellevue

Images and video from the Walmart protest in Factoria, Bellevue (Nov 29, 2013). I left when the police announced that anyone who does not disperse will be arrested.   The police marched in military formation.  The protesters were completely peaceful.

Non-violent protest is a beautiful thing. So is non-violent civil disobedience in support of a worthy cause.

“What’s outrageous? Walmart wages.  What’s disgusting? Union busting.”

Fifteen protesters were arrested at the protest, according to KOMO News.

Walmart: End Poverty Wages

Protesting in front of Walmart

Standing up for our jobs

Bellevue Police marching to arrest Walmart protesters in Bellevue

Firewheel Community Coffee said of this photo:

At the Walmart protest in Factoria the Bellevue police Robocops take up positions to prepare and arrest protestors On Black Friday. Merry Christmas.  This is what our tax dollars go for, expensive body armor for police who are about to arrest hordes of balloon toting protesters and marching bands? I am disgusted. There is no justification for this type of overkill. This is not Syria, Iraq or Iran! These are American citizens on American soil fighting for American justice for WalMart workers. Since when did we become so paranoid of the grandmothers who just made our thankgiving meals, or our neighbors who wouldn’t hurt a fly? Shame on the officials who told the police to react like the East German stasi!
This is not how a community reacts to injustice!!!


Shame on Walmart

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