Voters to Grand Obstruction Party: What about healthcare?

Town hall meetings: a unique opportunity to get to know your elected officials, up close and personal. And that opportunity is now, as our congressional representatives return home to hobnob with their constituents.

As noted previously, we Washington State constituents might want to ask a few pointed questions of those folks we sent to the other Washington (D.C.). They rake in great pay and benefits while accomplishing absolutely nothing. Those of us who work every day and have few or no benefits might take umbrage to that low level of job performance.

Whereas inaction, sloth, and bombast seem to be the guiding principles of the GOP (Grand Obstruction Party), one focal point of the upcoming town hall gatherings might be, say, health care. Which brings a few likely questions to mind, such as:

  • Since the Republican Party seems to revel in the political onanism of voting repeatedly and pointlessly to prevent the implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act, what exactly is their plan to improve the system? Indeed, “Obamacare” is based on the very plan promoted by the conservative Heritage Foundation. Mitt Romney implemented such a healthcare system in Massachusetts when he was governor. So what’s the problem?
  • Why do Republicans continue to lie about Obamacare, scaring the crap out of people with bogus ideas like “death panels” and “mandates”? In truth, the Grand Obstruction Party supports this simple plan for working Americans: if you get sick, die quick. Extended healthcare is reserved for the rich.
  • Why aren’t alternatives like a public option and single-payer healthcare being debated in Congress? A great question for both Republican and Democratic representatives. By eliminating insurance companies from the healthcare delivery system, costs would be drastically reduced, preventive care would dramatically increase, and expensive visits to the Emergency Room would dwindle.

Attend those town hall meetings. Ask tough questions. You’ll feel a whole lot better.

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