Rally to overturn Citizens United – May 14th, 12 Noon at Seattle City Hall

12 Noon May 14th – RALLY    Facebook Event , Seattle City Hall, 4th Ave Plaza, 600 Fourth Ave, Seattle 98104

      Support a Constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling !

2PM -  Seattle City Council votes on the resolution

3PM, or immediately after the Council has voted, -News Conference.

We The People declare — Corporations are not people!  Money is not speech!

On Monday, May 14th, the Seattle City Council will vote on a resolution.
It calls on Congress to enact a Constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United court decision.

Let’s show strong public support – at the Rally (12 noon) and the Council meeting (2 pm).

Demonstrate to public officials and the media:  We will not tolerate election results and public policy to be hijacked by wealth and corporate interest.

Supreme Court rulings have unleashed a torrent of money and super PAC spending by wealthy special interests to influence elections this year. It must be stopped!

Lawmaking matters.  Democracy matters.  We all need jobs at living wages.  We need affordable health care, housing and educational opportunity without lifelong debt.  We deserve a safe and clean environment.  We should have tax rates and budget priorities in the public interest.

Yet today, these decisions are all shaped by campaign contributions, media propaganda, and highly-paid lobbyists in state capitals and Congress.  Democracy itself has been hijacked – by money and wealth.  Public policy is shaped to increase the profits, wealth and political power of “too-big-to-fail” banks, “defense” contractors, Big Oil, insurance, and pharmaceutical giants.  Even the prison industry is being privatized for profit – and judicial elections are threatened by special-interest campaign cash.  When government itself is “for sale” – democracy is lost.

For these reasons, we will fight for a Constitutional amendment that enshrines the rights of We The People to control election results and lawmaking in OUR interest – and to stop the hijacking of our democracy by corporate interest and wealth.

Join us – May 14th in Seattle – for a 12 Noon Rally and 2 PM City Council meeting!

For more infowww.washclean.org
And, Tool Kit, with handouts and more.

May 14th Rally  Facebook Event

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