Psst! Wanna buy a bridge?

Wanna buy a bridge?
Wanna buy a bridge?

For documentation of the claims see Playing Russian Roulette in Ukraine With Rep. Adam Smith, or the detailed How the U.S. provoked Russia in Ukraine: A Compendium.

When I share content that exposes U.S. culpability in the crisis in Ukraine, some people attack me, saying that I am parroting Putin’s propaganda, etc. It’s going to take a while before Americans realize they’ve been duped, just like they were duped about Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. To be clear, Putin’s invasion was criminal (as were the many U.S. wars and proxy wars after WWII). But that doesn’t at all imply that the U.S. is innocent in Ukraine.

My friend Rebekkah Alpisa wrote on facebook (and gave me permission to quote her):

Questioning Vietnam made you a pinko commie. Questioning Iraq made you a pinko commie anti-American. Questioning Afghanistan made you a pinko commie un-American traitor. Now questioning Ukraine makes you a Russian bot. It’s all propaganda for the masses.

I’m still shaking my head over the Vietnam boondoggle, the Korean boondoggle, the CIA’s terrorism in South America, the Bay of Pigs, the Iraq boondoggle, the Iran boondoggle, the Afghanistan boondoggle … the list is endless.

You mean you REALLY believe it when the government tells you the war in Ukraine was 'unprovoked'?